Enriching Lives Through Shochu
Experienced with All Five Senses

In the face of challenges such as the younger generation's move away from alcohol, declining population, the impact of COVID-19 on the dining industry, and diseases affecting our key ingredient, sweet potatoes, the shochu industry faces numerous challenges. Yet, we believe in the unexplored allure and potential of shochu that has yet to be fully communicated to the world.

The culture of sweet potato shochu, deeply rooted in Southern Kyushu, is intertwined with the history of Satsuma and represents a globally unique category of distilled spirits made from sweet potatoes.
This sweet potato shochu, depending on the variety of potato, brewing, and distillation methods, can offer a diverse range of flavors and aromas.

To share the rich world of shochu, LINK SPIRITS shines a light on agriculture, connecting creators with consumers.
Our goal is to transition from drinking merely to become intoxicated, to savoring the world of shochu with all five senses.

May shochu bring enrichment to the lives of both its makers and its enthusiasts.


Honkaku Shochu-Based Spirit

Blooming Aroma--.
The New Spirit with Rosé Wine Yeast

Crafted through traditional honkaku shochu methods and fermented with rosé wine yeast, this spirit is vividly colored with the natural pigments of purple sweet potatoes, resulting in its distinctive, vibrant pink hue. It boasts a sophisticated floral aroma and a rich, fruity taste. Enjoy its versatility by savoring it chilled straight from the freezer, mixed with soda, or on the rocks, each method offering a delightful exploration of its flavor and aromatic variations.

Kagoshima New Specialty Product Competition
Kagoshima Prefecture Specialty Products Association
Chairman's Award Winner

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Saki Tominaga, CEO

Hailing from Kagoshima City and a graduate of Yokohama National University, Saki Tominaga began her career in advertising sales at a newspaper company. Her perception of shochu, which she had always considered to have a distinctly earthy aroma (or Imo Kusai), underwent a transformation with her first taste of 'Yasuda' after becoming a working adult. After her tenure as the second Miss Satsuma Shochu, followed by roles in recruitment, public relations, and community snack bar management at a startup company, she made a return to Kagoshima. She holds a Shochu Sommelier certification.


Company Name
Head Office
SOHO Kagoshima Room 1,
1-2 Yasui-cho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 892-0815, Japan
Business Description
1. Planning, research, and development focusing on shochu and sweet potato-based products
2. Sales and export of alcoholic beverages
3. Marketing related to the above